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Let’s go step-by-step though our pricing model so you have everything you need to begin fulfillment with Go Sunship.

Step 1:

Let’s calculate your initial costs based on SKUs and Handling Units. Also, let’s figure out how many orders you process per month, so we can estimate your pick fees.

Step 2:

Now, let’s take a moment to estimate your storage requirements. Remember: Each product SKU will need its own unique storage location to pick items accurately.

Climate Controlled
$30 | Monthly

$15 | Monthly
Shelf Space

$3 | Monthly
Large Bin

$8 | Monthly
Small Bin

$4 | Monthly

Step 3:

We take pride in our excellent customer service. Now, let’s take a moment to review what we offer you, at no additional cost!

Order & Inventory Management Software

Our software syncs with your online shopping carts and marketplaces to track inventory levels, so you can forecast when you need to reorder more inventory.

Amazing Customer Service

Each Go Sunship customer will have access to a dedicated Account Manager to answer any questions or concerns regarding your account and orders.

Unlimited Intergrations

Since we have pre-existing integrations with 60+ shopping carts and marketplaces, you won’t be charged to integrate your shopping cart with your Go Sunship account.

Discounted Shipping Options

Go Sunship receives heavily discounted shipping rates with every major carrier, and the best part is that we pass these discounts on to you and your customers.

Claims Management

On the rare occasion that a shipment gets lost, damaged, or misdelivered we’ll help you file a claim with the carrier.

Freight Management

Go Sunship will help you find the best and most cost-effective way to deliver your product to our facility most likely through Air Freight, Ocean Freight, or DHL Express.

Receiving Photos

As an additional layer of quality control, we take photos of all new SKUs upon receiving so we have a visual reference of the items we’re picking and you’re managing in our software.

Address Validation

All orders with a US address are verified to ensure they are “deliverable” as determined by the USPS. Our system will provide warnings and errors if critical address information is missing.

Step 4:

Here at Go Sunship our customers never have to pay for services they don’t need, but we all know e-commerce fulfillment can involve a lot more than your typical Pick & Pack scenario, below are one-off costs for services that are outside of the usual scope of work. Rest assured, our highly trained fulfillment center staff can handle ANYTHING.

$45 | Hourly per Person

Our most common “other” fees are special projects. This includes tasks like counting inventory, repackaging products, quality control, bagging products, or any other generic task not a part of your plan.

Container Unloading
$400 | 20ft    $600 | 40ft

If you are expecting a container in which the cargo is palletized, there is no receiving fee. If the cargo is “free loaded” and we need to off-load and palletize inventory for you, you’ll be billed based on the size of the container.

Pick & Pack Fee
$250 | Monthly

We have no restrictions when it gets to the size of clients we are willing to work with, but there is a cost associated with running each account on our platform and the support we provide. That’s why we have a minimum monthly pick fee. 

Packaging Materials
$0.15-$2.50 | Monthly
We stock over 50 different shipping boxes, bubble mailers, clear poly bags, white poly mailers, and pallets. If we don’t have the right size packaging material for your products, we can order it for you.
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